After Hours Parking Made Easy
Earn money by renting your spots after business hours.
No attendants. No pay boxes. No hassle.
  • List your Spots

    GoSpot Parking works with any size lot – from dry cleaners with a few spots to churches with several – and supports your definition of “after hours.” After 5 pm but out by 4 am? No problem. You set the schedule. We collect payments and send you a monthly check. Sound simple enough? List your spots now.

  • Park in Spots

    Parking using GoSpot is quick and easy. Drive up, visit on your mobile phone, and enter your payment & license plate. Use GoSpot a lot? Create an account for one-click payments. And, of course, be respectful of the business and be out by the designated time.

  • Sign up Spots

    Know spots that would be perfect for GoSpot? Want to earn some extra cash? Become a GoSpotter and earn 10% of revenue generated by your spots for two years. Yup, you sign up spots, people park, you get 10% for two years. Heard enough? Get started (before someone else signs up those spots!).